buy 5F-AKB48 online cheap

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buy 5F-AKB48 online cheap

$150.00 $130.00

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 5F-AKB48 ?

buy 5F-AKB48  which in the chemical nomenclature is also known as F5-APINICA is an indazole- constituted synthetic designer cannabinoid and it is also considered to be a strong agonist for receptors like CB1 and CB2


The chemical formula of buy 5F-AKB48 is “N-(Adamantan-1-yl)-1-(5-fluoropentyl)-1H-indazole-3-carboxamide”. The molecular weight of this drug has been calculated to be 383.5 g/mol and the purity of this substance in its purest forms has been calculated to be approximately equal to or greater than 98%. buy 5F-AKB48 is a crystalline solid substance and this is usually the form in which it is commercially sold. The molecular formula for 5F-AKB48 is C23H30FN3O.

The recommended storage temperature for the drug is 20°C while the stability of the molecule of this drug is known to be equal to or greater than two years.

buy 5F-AKB48 online cheap
buy 5F-AKB48 online cheap

What is buy 5F-AKB48 used for?

The drug is usually used as a sedative for muscle pain by people who are suffering with long term illnesses or temporary illnesses which cause long term pain in muscles. The drug is used as a more potent substitute to organic substances as well as by people who are looking to achieve greater results without having to experience adverse side effects associated with organic substances. This drug may also be used for stress reduction and memory relocation. It causes psychological impact of wellbeing in people and is known to enhance the creative capabilities of people. It has also been used by people for recreational purposes.


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