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buy AB-CHMINACA  a synthetic cannabinoid similar to the natural cannabinoid Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) , which shares many of the same chemical properties and is currently enjoying just as much attention from the global research community.


 buy AB-CHMINACA   an analytical reference material categorized as a synthetic cannabinoid. It has been found in Spice-type herbal blends and is associated with slurred speech, confusion, lethargy, and lack of coordination in cases of driving under the AB-CHMINACA is regulated as a Schedule I compound in the United States. This product is intended for research and forensic applications.

buy AB-CHMINACA online cheap
buy AB-CHMINACA online cheap


buy AB-CHMINACA contains a chiral center at the C-2 carbon of the oxobutan-2-yl
sidechain, so that two enantiomers exist: R- AB-CHMINACA and
S-AB-CHMINACA. Based on the literature and the most likely precursors to be
used, an (S)-configuration of the stereocenter could be expected.
AB-CHMINACA also has a positional isomer, where the cyclohexylmethyl tail is
attached to the nitrogen at position 2 of the indazole.

It is unknown whether this
positional isomer represents a manufacturing impurity or was intentionally

Routes of administration and dosage

it is mainly offered on the Internet either in the form of ‘herbal
mixtures’, where the chemical has been sprayed on plant material, as a powder, or
in a liquid to be used in e-cigarette devices. Based on user reports and on the dosage
forms offered, the primary route of administration is inhalation either by smoking
the ‘herbal mixture’ as a joint or utilizing a vaporizer, or vaping through an ecigarette.
The effects of buy AB-CHMINACA are felt on doses as small as 0.5 mg-1 mg on your
cigarettes or buds.  Users reported cannabimimetic effects after smoking the drug.
Doses for oral application can be assumed to be significantly higher due to lower

Chemical Properties

Melting point: 88.5-92.5° C
Boiling point: not available
Solubility:it is soluble in organic solvents such as ethanol,
dimethyl sulfoxide and dimethyl formamide. The solubility of buy AB-CHMINACA in
these solvents is approximately 3, 10 and 5 mg/ml is
sparingly soluble in aqueous buffers.

Adverse Reactions in Humans

The acute effects of THC (and consequently cannabis) include: relaxation, euphoria,
lethargy, depersonalisation, distorted perception of time, impaired motor performance,
hallucinations, paranoia, confusion, fear, anxiety, dry mouth, conjunctival injection (“red
eyes”), tachycardia, and nausea and vomiting. Similar effects to cannabis have been
reported for SCRAs such as AB-CHMINACA. In some cases, the effects are reported to be
more pronounced/severe.

Compared to cannabis, severe and fatal poisoning appears to be more common with
Poisoning may include rapid loss of consciousness/coma, cardiovascular
effects (such as hypertension, tachycardia, bradycardia, chest pain, myocardial infarction,
and stroke), seizures and convulsions, vomiting/hyperemesis, delirium, agitation,
psychosis, and aggressive and violent behaviour. Sudden death has also been reported.

Acute intoxications

Between 2014 and 2016 a total of 7 acute intoxications with confirmed exposure to
buy AB-CHMINACA were reported to the EMCDDA.
23 In four cases details were available
(Belgium  France  and the United Kingdom ). In 2 of the cases, no other
substances were detected. In the other 2 cases other substances detected included SCRAs
and an opioid. In all 4 cases, the clinical features of the poisoning were typical of those
reported for SCRAs. For the other 3 cases, all from Hungary, no further details were

During a very short period in 2014 (less than two weeks) there was an outbreak of SCRA
induced non-fatal toxicity in Florida. 24 A total of 35 patients were evaluated and treated
following reported exposure to a SCRA containing product obtained from a common
source. 24 Patients demonstrated acute delirium and 14 patients had seizures. Ventilator
support and ICU-level care was required in 5 patients. The presence of it,
or one of its predicted metabolites was confirmed in 15 of 21 cases.
Abouchedid et al.

describe a series of cases presented at an Emergency Department in
2015 with analytical confirmation of recreational drugs. In a six month period 179 patients
with acute recreational drug toxicity were enrolled. In 18 (10%) out of the 179 patient
samples SCRAs were detected in serum. The most common SCRA present was MDMBCHMICA (7/18, 80-8000 pg/mL) and also AB-CHMINACA (3/18, 50-1800 pg/mL) has
been found. But only 9 of 18 (50%) patients were aware of the use of SCRAs.


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