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 UR-144 ?

buy UR-144,  a synthetic cannabinoid that’s been sold as a member of the novel psychoactive substances  market. It produces some cannabis-like effects, though there’s a lack of information about its activity. Looking for where to Buy UR-144 Online looks no further


buy UR-144  , a synthetic cannabinoid (CB) analog of JWH 018  in which the naphthalene ring is substituted with a tetramethylcyclopropyl group. This substitution results in a compound which is a potent agonist for the peripheral CB2 receptor.  buy UR-144 Degradant is a common impurity observed during GC-MS analysis of samples containing buy UR-144. The opened ring of the degradant is presumed to be produced during heating of it. This structure gives rise to a prominent fragment ion that is 15 amu greater than the base peak of it. This pattern is consistent with McLafferty rearrangement of the degradant which does not occur with the parent compound.

buy UR-144 online cheap
buy UR-144 online cheap


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